The Utah State Trooper Magazine is a classy, full-color publication issued two or three times a year in cooperation with the Utah Highway Patrol Association (“U.H.P.A.”) and it’s Board of Directors. Each issue is from eighty to one hundred pages.

Each issue, three thousand copies are direct-mailed to U.H.P.A. members, prospective members, subscribers, advertisers, government agencies and other important supporters of law enforcement in Utah.

Each issue contains reports, stories and photographs of ongoing State Trooper events and activities. It also has updated contact points for various Highway Patrol Action-Officers, for the convenience of our subscribers.

Importantly, our advertisers, subscribers and supporters are prominently displayed for all our readers.

Our three thousand primary subscriber copies reach a pass-along readership of a conservatively estimated fifteen thousand readers each issue. Advertisements are highly efficient and effectively targeted for industry and business leaders.

Advertiser’s and supporter’s messages are prominently displayed to our readers. Primary readers are either law enforcement professionals or other business and industry professionals throughout the state of Utah.