Editorial Guidelines

Guidelines for Editorial Contributions

We are always eager to receive your editorial contributions. We can handle anything from handwriting on legal paper to data typed on computer diskettes in ASCII language, but our chances of producing a first-quality publication will be greatly enhanced if contributors prepare their manuscripts and photographs according to the following criteria:


  • Articles should be typed, double-spaced, on one side of plain, white paper.
  • Type all manuscript copy in upper and lower case, not all capital letters.
  • Allow margins of at least one inch on both sides of the typed sheet.
  • Follow usual rules of capitalization and punctuation. The editors reserve the right to edit any manuscript according to style considerations specific to this publication.


  • Color prints on glossy paper provide the best chance for good quality reproduction, although our technology allows us to reproduce color prints quite well.
  • The safest way to write photo captions and identifications is to tape a piece of paper to the back of prints. Ballpoint and felt-tip pens smear easily and can damage the photo.
  • Do not staple photos. Be careful that paper clips do not scratch the image side of the photo; protect photo with a piece of paper under the clip.
  • Put your name, address, and phone number on the prints so we can return them to you after printing.
  • Be sure to completely identify all people in the photo and provide a photo caption.
  • Submit all photos in .jpg format @ 300 ppi.

Mission Statement

Utah State Trooper magazine is a public service of the Utah Highway Patrol Association (UHPA). Our goal is to provide informative and educational articles of interest to our readers regarding public safety and law enforcement issues.

To Our Advertisers and Supporters

This publication is financed solely by monies collected from advertisers. We express our appreciation to those businesses and individuals who support the Utah State Trooper. We strive to make this a high-quality publication and encourage our members and readers to patronize those businesses that support the UHPA.

Your Comments, Please

The editors of Utah State Trooper magazine welcome your comments, criticisms, or suggestions for the magazine. We need your ideas and articles in upcoming issues. Send news about your professional experiences, new law enforcement technology, accidents, legislative issues, and national highway patrol news.

Send to: Utah State Trooper Magazine, Attn: John Jones,
P.O. Box 70026, Salt Lake City, UT 84170-0026