All the More Reason to Stay Involed

Thank you to the UHPA membership and the support over the years. I’m honored to be serving the association as the Executive Director and always looking for better ways to serve our membership. Your communication with the Board of Directors is very important for the board to know the membership’s needs and the direction the association should take. There are many positive opportunities when the board and the membership work together. All the more reason to stay involved.

In this issue there are several articles I hope you will find interesting. “Pipeline Safety” is an important message for all emergency response personnel. It just might save your life. I’ve include an article from DHRM about converting sick leave, that changes beginning January 2014, for clarification. The civil engagement article covers how and why you should participate in the community caucus meetings coming up in March.

Retired Sergeant Kyle Bushnell forwards a very informative article about the Ronald McDonald House charities.

New to the magazine is a section called “Traffic Flow – Do You Know the Law?” This article came about in a local coffee shop where citizens were complaining that law enforcement doesn’t do a good job enforcing traffic laws. In the interest of education and awareness, laws of interest and concern will be in each issue. Please feel free to contribute your ideas to this section.

As we enjoy the season I wish you and your family happy holidays. As always, keep your loved ones close, and be smart and safe out there!

Be safe! Go home alive!

John H. Jones

UHPA Executive Director