Bike Squad Training

Bike Squad TrainingThe Bike Squad is a very important tool for Section 21.

Several members of the Section 21 Bike Squad kick ed off the 2013 riding season with two training rides. One was a 15 mile mountain trail ride at elevations reaching 7500 – 8000 feet, along the Stansbury Front Trail. The second was a “campus ride”. This ride was more than 40 miles long and all riders had to also pass a skills cone course.

Section 21 has 15 sworn members, of which, 11 are certified in Police Mountain Bike Operations. They are: Bruce Johnson, David Antonsen, David Brooks, Jason Hunter, Jeff Davis, Travis Williams, Lawrence Hopper, Bonnie Kunz, and Sheldon Riches. James Peterson and Blaine Prescott joined the squad this season. The Bike Squad is a very important tool for Section 21. With the combined effort of the Bike Squad and those in car and on foot, property crimes committed in the parking lots, on the campuses, dropped 22% from 2011 to 2012.

Thanks to all those who have made this possible. Great Job!