Briefing room

Briefing roomTrooper Vehicle Totaled

On december 23rd troopers were handling an accident on I-15 northbound at the Roy exit. Trooper Wilson was on scene assisting other motorist out of his vehicle when a truck lost control and struck Trooper Wilsons cruiser. Trooper Wilson was uninjured, however, the police vehicle was totaled.

Briefing room1Congratulations

Congratulations to major Mark Zesiger on his new position as Major in the Utah Highway Patrol. Mark comes to headquarters with 22 years of experience, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Mark has a passion for the road and loves working to make life better for our Troopers who risk their lives daily and sacrifice so much. Mark’s responsibility will be the northern half of Utah, from Salt Lake north. He will also be responsible for many of the activities out of headquarters.

Briefing room2Aggressive Driving

On december 16th trooper Nate Wood was working a slide off accident in Section 1. While Trooper Wood was checking on the occupants, Trooper Woods car was struck from behind. Trooper Wood was uninjured and the driver who struck the police cruiser was also uninjured.

Aero Bureau
On december 13 the utah highway Patrol Helicopter was asked to assist the Summit County Sheriff’s Office in locating a father and son who were hunting in the Chalk Creek area and overdue. The helicopter crew located the missing party forthwith and returned them to the command post without incident.

On december 13th the utah highway Patrol Helicopter was asked to assist in a body recovery of lion hunter in the Book Cliffs. The hunter suffered a fatal fall off a cliff while hunting, the body was extracted and transported to the local authorities’ staging area.

Leadership in Police Organizations Graduation

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Primary Children’s Hospital Visit

On december 3rd the Utah highway patrol made their annual visit to Primary Children’s Hospital. This has been ongoing event for the last 20 years. Each child was given a new stuffed animal, miniature UHP car and sticker badges. Thanks to all who help make this happen and put a bright spot in the children’s day.

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Briefing room5Shop With A Cop
Troopers throughout the state have participated with Shop with a Cop. Thanks for sharing your time to make a positive experience in a child’s life.

Briefing room6UHP Dive Team
The Utah Highway Patrol dive Team was asked to assist the Department of Environmental Quality in locating a valuable piece of equipment that was lost in Utah Lake. The equipment was located and returned to DEQ.

Briefing room7DPS Leadership at Angels Landing

UHP Welcomes 7 New Troopers – Nov. 2015

Briefing room8

Back Row – Left to Right
Major Zesiger
Major Rapich
Colonel Fuhr
Captain Blair
Captain Middaugh
Middle Row – Left to Right
Captain Workman
John Stephen – Section 9 (Carbon Co.)
Troy Black – Section 9 (Carbon Co.)
Jaron Bennion – Section 5 (Uintah Co.)
Mike Bryan – Section 3 (Davis Co.)
Captain Anderson
Front Row – Left to Right
Jarom Olsen – Section 13 (Green River)
Omar Perez – Section 4 (Salt Lake Co.)
R. Chad Valdez – Section 13 (Moab)

Briefing room8UHP Welcomes 10 New Troopers – Oct. 2015

Back Row – Left to Right
Jesse Mullin – Section 1 (Cache Co.)
TyRell Bagley – Section 10 (Garfield Co.)
Dave Hull – Section 4 (SL Co.)
Middle Row – Left to Right
Colonel Fuhr
Agustin Torres – Section 7 (Summit/
Wasatch Co.)
Anthony Bertram – Section 4 (SL Co.)
Derek Shelby – Section 4 (Salt Lake Co.)
Devin Park – Section 6 (Utah Co.)
Major Rapich
Front Row – Left to Right
Jason Cosby – Section 9 (Carbon Co.)
Tara Moss – Section 4 (SL Co.)
Taylor Russell – Section 5 (Uintah Co.)

Briefing room10UHP Officer Delivers Flowers

Just days after a Utah husband and father was killed in a car crash, a Utah Highway Patrol Officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help comfort mourning loved ones.
The crash claimed the life of 47-year-old Brian Syddall on Nov. 30, just two days before he was to celebrate his 21st wedding anniversary with his wife, Robyn. UHP Sgt. Jacob Cox, who had been on the scene of the wreck, visited Robyn the day after the car accident. During her conversation with Cox, Robyn mentioned in passing that her wedding anniversary was the following day, Dec. 2.
The next day, Cox visited Robyn with an unexpected delivery: A bouquet of pink and white roses. “Since your husband can’t be here, we’re sending you flowers in his name,” read the attached card signed by Cox. The family says the officer’s touching gesture has offered them a shred of hope and comfort to cut through the bitterness of loss. “Every woman needs flowers on her anniversary,” he said, “and since Brian won’t be able to give them to her , I figured I could do that for him.”

The Utah Highway Patrol Interdiction Team 2015

Briefing room11

Assist to Local Agencies on Cyber Cases
SBI agent assisted a local agency with a computer intrusion case where a local subject, while logged on to his work computer after hours, hacked into a former spouse’s computer.
SBI assisted a local agency with information related to a victim in Dubai who thought they were purchasing two Ferraris and a helicopter online. The website was determined to not be owned by a Utah company.
Assist to Local Business Email Compromise Scam
SBI and FBI agents received several complaints related to business email compromise scams (BEC). A local business transferred 1 million dollars to the wrong account after receiving a spoofed email from suspect (pretending to be client) shortly after their meeting changing the account information. The transfer was fortunately frozen shortly after it was made. Case is ongoing.