Briefing room

UHP Motor Squad

On August 9th, Troopers Steve AUGUST 9TH, TROOPERS STEVE Myer, Rob Nelson, Roger Griffis, and Sgt. Donavan Lucas set up a display of a Harley Davidson motorcycle with the names of fallen UHP troopers painted on the saddlebags. The motorcycle was presented to UHP on behalf of an anonymous donor after the Beehive Drive. The paint job was completed by Everest Collision and Mark Whittaker (formerly a UHP sergeant and now with UDOT IMT) assisted with the assembly. The motor is proudly displayed at the entrance to headquarters.

Well Represented

On Saturday, October 1st, The Annual St. George Marathon was held. UHP was well represented, with all levels of administration and spouses. Sgt. Nick Bricker from Section 4 was the top UHP finisher, with a time of 4:05:27. Also participating were (in alphabetical order) Major Jess Anderson, Captain Chip Blair, Trooper Mark Bricker, Honorary Colonel Richard Carling, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and his wife Abby, Trooper Colton Freckleton, Lt. Shawn Hinton, Trooper Lawrence Hopper, Sgt. Sheldon Riches, Trooper William Riches, Lt. Jason Ricks and his wife Katie, Trooper Bart Rindlisbacher, Trooper Mitch Sullivan, Sgt. Shayne Terry, and Captain Steven Winward.

Click It for Creamies

Section 1 troopers participated in the Click it for Creamies at Box Elder High School, Bear River High School, Logan High School, Sky View High School, and Mountain View High School. Contacting over 2,500 students and parents, and rewarding them for wearing their seat belts.

Aero Bureau

On September 4th, UPD requested the DPS helicopter to search for a missing 65 year old hiker in Millcreek Canyon. After searching for several hours with no success, they returned to the hanger. After resuming the search the next morning, they were notified that the hiker had found his own way to the UPD command post.

On September 4th, Kane County SO requested assistance with locating a missing 72 year old male hiker who had been missing in the Coyote Gulch area for six days. They successfully located the individual and transported him to waiting medical crews.

On September 7th, while training in Summit County, the DPS helicopter was called to assist Unified P.D. with two separate S&R missions on Mount Olympus. The first was a female who had gotten off of the trail and was in a very dangerous area. Two Salt Lake County S&R personnel were inserted via skid load to her location. After giving her some instructions, she was extracted via skid load. The two S&R members hiked out. The second mission was for two males had become fatigued while hiking near the top of the mountain. A single S&R member was inserted to assist and escort them off of the mountain via foot.

Great Success

The 1st annual Wendover Public Safety Fair was a great success. With the help of 20 different agencies, and groups we were able to have great turnout. UHP provided the seatbelt convincer, and did FST’s on the public with beer goggles on.


Night Out

On August 2nd, Troopers From Crew B in Section 8 participated in the “National Night Out Against Crime” at the Deseret Peak Complex in Grantsville. They partnered with Tooele City PD and Grantsville City PD for this annual event. The National Night Out Against Crime event is a free event where the community can learn about personal safety, crime prevention, and build police-community partnerships.

Car Show

On June 16th And 17th, Troopers William Riches, Bryce Gardner, and Jacob Barton of Section 8, District C had the opportunity to present the 1958 Ford Fairlane in the 16th Annual Wendover Car Show. Many people approached the troopers to ask us questions about the car, which gave them a chance to talk about seat belt safety with some of the kids and their parents. The staff over the event invited Trooper Riches to be a judge for the “Burn Out”contest.


On July 23rd, the DPS helicopter was requested by UPD to help with a hiker who was “cliffed-out” on the Twin Peaks area. Two Salt Lake County Sheriff SAR personnel were skid loaded to assist the hiker. They rappelled down to her location, assisted her off the cliff, and moved her down to an area where the helicopter could land. She and the SAR personnel were flown down to the command center.

Bridge Dedication

On july 5th, Section 13 had the honor of assisting with the dedication of the SOC (SEAL) Jason R Workman Memorial Bridge that crosses the San Juan River in Mexican Hat. Jason was a member of SEAL Team 6 and was killed in a helicopter crash not long after the arrest of Osama Bin Laden. Jason was originally from Blanding and gave valuable training to local law enforcement training when he could. The bridge dedication was a result of SB195 ran by Senator Hinkins and supported by Congressman Chaffetz. Honor Guard members Lamar Heaton, Charlie Taylor, Justin Jensen and Kevin Bradshaw stood out on 102 degree heat for a long time in Class A uniform, as they presented the flags. SR-163 was closed at the bridge for approximately 1 hour for the bridge dedication.

Cinco de Mayo

On April 30th troopers participated in the Cinco de Mayo event at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley. The 1950 Ford was on display, over 5000 people from the Latino Community were present during the event.


Funeral Services

The Utah Highway Patrol was represented by Sergeant Mower and Trooper McIInay at Officer David Glasser’s Funeral Services in Phoenix. Glasser was killed in a gun battle with a robbery suspect in Phoenix.


Public Appreciation

Section 8 as visited by junior Troop 146 of the Tooele Girl Scouts. To show their support of law enforcement, they gave troopers a nice poster they made and lots of Girl Scout cookies. Swing by Section 8 for a couple of cookies!


Stop to Talk, Stop to Text

Major Zesiger, Trooper Hopper and Trooper Bentley Joined Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, representatives From Staker Parson, and FCCLA officers from Corner Canyon High School at a media event announcing Staker Parson’s campaign to help stop distracted driving in Utah. The campaign’s message is “Stop to Talk, Stop to Text” and features pictures of law enforcement officers from UHP, Weber County, Price, St. George, Unified PD, and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office alongside Staker Parson Employees. Major Zesiger asked everyone to think of their last text message and to think about whether or not it was important enough to change your life, or take someone else’s.

Rest in Peace

Corporal Jeff Daems and Justin Cloward traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to represent the Utah Highway Patrol at the memorial services and funerals for Officer Matthew Gerald, Officer Montrell Jackson, and Deputy Brad Garafola. These officers were shot and killed while protecting and serving the public in a time of heightened tension and anger towards law enforcement officers. Rest in peace, brothers. We will take up the watch from here.

Camper Evacuation

On July 28th, The DPS helicopter was requested by Summit County to assist with the evacuation of campers in the Smith Moorehouse area due to a forest fire. A total of 19 Boy Scouts and leaders needed evacuation from the approaching fire. The DPS helicopter evacuated 13 of the Scouts and was assisted by a Forest Service contract helicopter, which removed the remaining six individuals. After that evacuation, Summit County personnel were flown to Island Lake, Weir Lake, and Long Lake where six additional camps were located. All campers were informed of the danger of the fire and asked to leave the area.

Colonel’s Challenge

Section 13 personnel held a Colonel’s Challenge Moab rim trail hike in an area known for its rugged Jeep trails and hill climbs. Despite the heat, incline, and potential for blisters, there were no casualties.

Aero Bureau Assists Trooper

On September 24th, the DPS helicopter was requested to assist in locating a missing 18 year old hiker in the Adams Canyon area of Davis County. While on scene, they were diverted to assist with Trooper Gillis’ pursuit in Tooele County. They helicopter flew an intercept course and caught up with the units following the fleeing vehicle on I-80. Sgt. Wyatt Weber used the helicopter’s searchlight to illuminate the vehicle until the driver exited the vehicle at a hotel parking lot in Lakepoint. The driver was finally apprehended by Trooper Todd Gillis. The helicopter then returned to Adams Canyon area and resumed the search for the missing hiker. Davis S&R asked them to focus their search near the Adams waterfall, where one of the S&R personal had located a cell phone at the base of a cliff. Using the FLIR and search light to help assist the ground SAR members, they located the 18 year old woman’s body in a very rugged and remote location near the falls.

Canine Heroes

Each year, the owner of colonial Flag in Sandy posts American flags in remembrance of the victims of 9/11 and in honor of the heroes of 9/11. This year, they honored the canine heroes of 9/11. They asked the UHP K9 officers to do a demonstration, highlighting the skills of the K9s and their handlers. Sgt. Nixon and Diesel and Trooper Colvin and Arros provided the demonstration.

Chinese Delegation

Commissioner Rolfe, Colonel Fuhr, and Major Redd hosting a Chinese Delegation at the Department of Public Safety Headquarters. The Delegation was briefed on Department responsibilities and strategies.

Overdue Grandmother

The Department of Public Safety Helicopter was asked to assist Tooele County Sheriff’s Office in a search for an overdue Grandmother and her three grandchildren. The family was located from a cell ping in the Dugway Proving Ground near Castle Mountain. They had experienced a flat tire on the vehicle and unable to locate a jack to change the tire. Sergeant Weber changed the tire for the Grandmother. Due to the location of the vehicle and the separation time, the children were flown back to their parents.

Beehive Drive

The 2016 Beehive Drive was held July 18th through July 21st, which drew participants both from Utah and from across the country. After a kickoff at the Utah Motorsports Campus (formerly the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele), the participants were escorted by Troopers and the UHP Motor Squad to Huntington, where they held a car show and community event. Several local children had the opportunity to sit in and ride in some very nice cars. After a generous donation to the community in Huntington, the Drive continued to several other locations. They made stops in Salina and Blanding, hosted events and car shows, and made similar donations to each community. The final event was a gala and auction held at Little America Hotel in SLC. After dinner, donated items were auctioned, with the proceeds given to the Honoring Heroes Foundation, DPS scholarships, and community scholarships. Many lives have been blessed and burdens made lighter thanks to the generosity and kindness of these participants.

Public Hearing

On July 16th, 2016, The Secretary of the Interior and other leaders held a public hearing in Bluff concerning the proposed Bears Ears Monument. The issue is very contentious and the possibility of conflicts at the gathering was high. About 1,000 to 1,500 people attended, despite the 102 degree heat. Section 13 troopers assisted with traffic control and security in support of the San Juan County Sheriff’s office. There were a few arguments, but no arrests were made and no major problems occurred.

Nationwide Scam

SBI is working On a case where a dozen different Koreans across the nation, who did not speak English, were victims of a scammer doing business in Orem, UT. SBI put together questions and arranged for an Interpreter at the FBI to contact all complainants and have them interviewed. The investigation is ongoing.

Educating Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Sergeant Donavan Lucas and the Utah Highway Patrol Motor Squad educating Motorcycle enthusiasts on Motorcycle safety on Utah’s Highways.


The Value of Wearing a Seatbelt

On July 19th, there was a crash on the driver may have fallen asleep. He drifted from lane one into the left median, crossed back across all three lanes, ran off the side of the road on the right, went down an embankment, and struck a tree. The impact launched the engine about 100 feet from the car and started a small grass fire. The 19 year old male driver was seat belted and crawled out of the vehicle on his own. He was transported to McKay Dee Hospital in bravo condition. This crash paints a very clear picture of the value of wearing a seat belt.

Distressed Boater

On July 19th, there was a crash on the driver may have fallen asleep. He drifted from lane one into the left median, crossed back across all three lanes, ran off the side of the road on the right, went down an embankment, and struck a tree. The impact launched the engine about 100 feet from the car and started a small grass fire. The 19 year old male driver was seat belted and crawled out of the vehicle on his own. He was transported to McKay Dee Hospital in bravo condition. This crash paints a very clear picture of the value of wearing a seat belt.

Republican National Convention

The UHP Public Protection Unit traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to assist local law enforcement agencies with maintaining the peace at the Republican National Convention. They found stashes of objects planted to use against LEOs in a riot, maintained the peace between potentially conflicting groups such as the Black Lives Matter group and the KKK, and generally protected the First Amendment rights of people while keeping the area safe and secure. Fortunately, there were no significant incidents to report.

Dallas Police Officers

UHP Sergeants Chris Newlin and Tony Carrubba traveled to Dallas, Texas to represent the Utah Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety at the funerals for Dallas Police officers Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Patrick Zamarripa, Dallas Police sergeant Michael Smith, and DART officer Brent Thompson. All five officers were killed in the line of duty as they stood to ensure the peace at a protest against police violence. Rest in peace, brothers. We will take up the watch from here.

Division of Emergency Management

The Utah Department Of Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Management plays an active role during emergencies and disasters. The Division coordinates emergency management efforts among State agencies, in collaboration with federal and local government. These efforts include preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

DEM also brings subject matter experts and multiple state agencies together at the State Emergency Operations Center to support and coordinate response and recovery as needed.

Though Utah is not located in the hurricane path or tornado alley, disasters strike here. When no incidents are underway, the Division’s year-round efforts prepare the State of Utah to better respond to and recover from disasters.

DEM prepares individuals and communities for disasters through outreach and training programs and passing through federal grants. The division trains nearly 2,000 emergency responders annually in areas such as domestic preparedness, hazardous materials, public information, incident command, professional development and others.

Throughout this issue, we will highlights several programs and activities conducted by DEM that are critical to the DPS mission of “working together as one DPS to provide a safe and secure Utah.”

A Decade of Preparation Education


One major program that DEM coordinates is be ready  Utah, which marked a major milestone this year.

Be Ready Utah celebrated a big birthday this year: April 6, 2016, marked the 10th anniversary of the successful emergency preparedness outreach campaign. To help mark and celebrate this historic milestone, Gary R. Herbert, Governor of the State of Utah, declared April 4 – 8, 2016, as Be Ready Utah Week.

While serving as lieutenant governor, Governor Gary R. Herbert created the Be Ready Utah public outreach campaign. He was inspired by the devastating floods in Southern Utah and the even greater disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He was looking for a way to help Utahns be better prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Over the years with the Be Ready Utah program, the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Management has educated and encouraged Utah residents to “Make a Plan, Get a Kit, Be Informed and Get Involved.”

The Be Ready Utah staff continues to reach thousands of people across the state every year through hundreds of emergency preparedness presentations and fairs,, social media, the Great Utah ShakeOut drill, and through informative emergency preparedness booklets, brochures and other education tools. DEM looks forward to many more years of encouraging Utahns to Be Ready.

Ensuring Resilience in Critical Infrastructure


On March 17th, DPS’ Division Of Emergency Management (DEM) invited planners, innovators and experts in disaster resilience from around the United States to its first Critical Infrastructure Resilience Symposium to share their stories of getting critical infrastructure in their communities ready to respond. DEM’s Utah Public-Private Partnership section, known as UP3, spearheaded this effort.

What is critical infrastructure? When you think of all the bad things that can happen and who you call for help, the normal list surfaces: Call 911 and police, fire and ambulances show up. But what if an incident is big… really big… so big that it affects utilities, transportation, telecommunications and government (the very people who are supposed to respond to emergencies)?

You quickly see that a catastrophic incident, such as an earthquake, requires many helping hands. The emergency management world calls that the whole community. There’s a part of the whole community that is sometimes taken for granted: critical infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure includes food and ag producers, commercial facilities, schools, critical manufacturing, energy and financial sectors, government, water and transportation systems, among others.

Much of the critical infrastructure everywhere is run by private companies with business models and balance sheets and trade secrets. But in a disaster, you need those companies to come together so people can get back to work, so the economy can bounce back.

At the symposium, DEM highlighted its success in creating the Lifeline Infrastructures Resilience Council (LIRC), a disaster planning group made up of some important industry partners in Utah: Questar Gas, Rocky Mountain Power, the Utah Trucking Association, Century Link, Comcast, Utah Department of Transportation, Union Pacific and about 40 other members. The LIRC provides a regular forum for these companies to share important operational information so they can work together in a disaster.

DEM came away from the symposium with a to-do list, and hopes others have been inspired to take steps toward strengthening partnerships between the public and private sector.

Promoting Preparedness

Do you know how to cook without power, gas, wood or sun? Do you know when and how to shelter in place? Have you thought about sanitation during a disaster? Do you know how to include heirlooms and memorabilia in your evacuation plans?

At the Utah Prepare Conference and Expo, held in August and coordinated by DPS’ Division of Emergency Management, citizens could attend workshops providing answers to these and many more questions. The conference’s goals are to encourage the public to embrace the concept of preparedness, to provide people with how-to information and knowledge about emergency survival and recovery, and to influence people to action towards completing family disaster plans, learning protective actions, and gathering emergency food, water and supplies.

DEM’s own Kathy McMullin gave the conference’s keynote address: “Eight Signs of Terrorism.” She presented information about how to properly recognize and report suspicious activity in a manner that reduces the likelihood of terrorist attacks and protects the civil liberties of our citizens.

The estimated 2,500 citizens who attended the conference left with information to help them take preparedness to the next level.

BEE Prepared, BEE Safe, BEE Aware Public Safety Fair

This year’s event was full of fun and excitement as we interacted among coworkers, families, friends and the community to learn more about safety in a fun way. The Fair began with raising of the flags by a local Boy Scout Troop followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, then remarks by Commissioner Squires and others. Games, prizes, food, and fun was had by all! There was also plenty of excitement as our new Colonel Rapich took a plunge in the dunking booth. Over 700 people made the PLEDGE to “BUCKLE UP”, “NOT TEXT AND DRIVE”, AND “DRIVE SOBER”! Hundreds of prizes were given away and each child that pledged to wear their seat belt received an all-day pass to Seven Peaks Water Park, congratulations to all the winners. I think we’re getting the safety message out – way to go DPS!

Thank you to everyone that participated and those that couldn’t make it this year, please remember to BEE SAFE and join us next year for another remarkable event! Thank you Commissioner Squires for making this event possible.