Converted Sick Leave is Ending

Converted Sick Leave is EndingOn January 3, 2014 the converted sick leave benefit will end.

Converted sick leave is a benefit that has been available to employees who have at least 144 hours of sick leave. Each year if you have at least 144 hours of sick leave at the beginning of the year and if you use less than 40 hours of sick leave in the next year you have had the option to transfer up to 40 hours into a converted sick leave account.

Converted sick leave is different than regular sick leave because it can be used as annual leave while working and is cashed out if you separate from the State of Utah. However, if you retire from the State of Utah, converted sick leave is treated as a postretirement medical benefit in the same way as regular sick leave.

History behind this Change

In 2005, the Legislature passed HB 213 which created a new sick leave benefit called program II . With the new program, the accrual of converted sick leave benefits of Program I ended, but in the legislation current employees were allowed a period of time to maximize the benefit. This period of time will end on January 3, 2014.

Employees with converted sick leave balances will not lose their converted sick leave hours and hours will be honored at retirement. Future sick leave hours can only be used for sick leave reasons and will be forfeited upon separation or retirement.

An eligible employee may convert accrued sick leave hours for one last time at the end of fiscal year end processing for the 2013 calendar year. This will take place automatically unless you choose to opt out of converting sick leave hours. You will be given instructions from DHRM/Payroll staff if you would like to opt out of converting sick leave. For further information please refer to DHRM Rules R477-7-5 or visit the Employee Gateway.