Get the Facts, Take A Stand and Fight Back!


In a time when our citizens live in a blame society, it seems, we the people should fight back the bullies, lies, misstatements of fact, and those who believe they can intimidate us.

The check and balance system we enjoy in the United States is outstanding in protection to our citizens. Maintaining a open and positive outlook, can only render better solutions to the indents we face everyday. Utah State Troopers mission is to provide professional police and traffic services, and to protect the constitutional rights of all people in Utah; is a very respected goal. Six highway patrol valves, contribute greatly to serving our citizens. INTEGRITY – Troopers are above reproach in dealing with the public, fellow officers, and their self, always being sincere and honest. SERVICE – Troopers will serve every citizen by enforcing the law impartially, that reflects a concern for the quality of life. KNOWLEDGE – Troopers will continually improve on performance through education and training, recognizing their profession is changing. PROFESSIONALISM – Troopers will present exemplary character, in appearance that inspires confidence and exceeding all standards. TEAMWORK – Troopers are united in purpose and effort, sharing ideas and information through open communication, accountable to the community. COURAGE – Through hardship, Troopers face danger with confidence, resolution, and bravery. Troopers make decisions everyday base on the organizational values of the Department of Public Safety and the Utah Highway Patrol. Every day across our nation law enforcement officers put on the uniform, not knowing what that day may bring. Ninetyseven percent believe that service and protection to our citizens are of the utmost importance to the community in which they work. The fact that they will act accordingly and perform to the best of their ability is a statement of honor. That percentage is better than most other occupations in America. The next time you hear someone running down a policeman, get the facts, take a stand and fight back!