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Located in world famous Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

In the early 70s Glenn and Mary Perkins opened and operated an RV and campground in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. They became pillars to the Lava community and the summer recreation activities people from all over became accustomed to participating in during the summer months.

OVER THE LAST FIFTEEN YEARS, MARY’S HEALTH HAS NOT PERMITTED her to continue with the day to day operations of the campground.

Glenn continued to maintain the property and business alone to the best of his ability.

In the fall of 2010, Glenn and Mary decided that the demands of maintaining the campground became too great. It was time to turn the campground over to someone else. Hesitant to sell the property to someone looking to turn a profit at the mercy of the vacationers coming to Lava, Glenn and Mary opted to donate the property to the Bannock County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (BCDSA) of Pocatello, Idaho.

Starting in the fall of 2010, the BCDSA has taken on the agonizing responsibility of learning how to run a business and serving the public in a non-law enforcement environment. The campground that has been loved for so many years by Mary as her most prized possession and the one thing that has kept her and Glenn strong and healthy for so many great years has been renamed as tribute to the Perkins family. BCDSA members voted unanimously to rename the campground “Mary’s Place Campground.”

The BCDSA voted to operate “Mary’s Place Campground” as a not-for-profit business. A percentage of the revenues generated are dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of the property and another percentage will be directed as donations to Idaho communities in the name of Glen and Mary Perkins.

At Mary’s Place Campground, we gladly accept all trailers, 5th wheels, mo-torhomes, and RVs. We try to accommodate all sizes of vehicles and will be glad to serve as your hosts during your Lava Hot Springs vacation.

13. MARY S PLACE-2As law enforcement Officer’s, we value the time we have to spend with our families and loved ones and promote a family rich environment. We would love to welcome any law enforcement members with current or retired credentials to visit us for a weekend or week with a law enforcement discount of 10%.

For questions or reservations, please contact us at 1-208-776-5026 or log onto

We look forward to meeting you and your families this coming camping season!