SECTION 6 of the Utah Highway Patrol – I-15 CORE Project

The I-15 CORE project in Utah County began in the spring of 2010 and ended in December 2012. The project is the fastest billion-dollar highway project ever completed in the United States.

PROVO RIVER CONSTRUCTORS (PRC) won the bid for I-15 CORE and was made up of Fluor Corporation, Ames Construction, Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, Inc. and Wadsworth Brothers Construction Company, Inc., with another 30 plus subcontractors working on the project.

PRC rebuilt 24 miles of I-15 in 35 months. In that time they completed several unprecedented projects. One of the most notable, was the moving of the Sam White Bridge. The bridge was constructed east of the interstate on a temporary substructure and moved to span over I-15 with Self Propelled Modular Transporters, or SPMT’s. This was the longest two-span bridge (354 feet long) to be moved in the Western Hemisphere and the move was completed in one night.

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The Utah Highway Patrol was tasked with assisting PRC with traffic control on a daily basis. There were usually at least three to six Troopers assigned to help PRC each day. Trooper assignments varied from speed enforcement to traffic control, and occasionally filing theft reports on stolen PRC equipment.

Providing slowdowns for PRC was a frequent traffic control request. They used this tool to set up lane closures for various construction applications. The Troopers conducted an estimated 25,000 slowdowns. PRC set up approximately 9,500 temporary lane closures, which resulted in about 1,000,000 barrels placed and picked up. This equals a single lane closure for 25,000 miles. Most of the lane closures were set out and picked up each night to reduce traffic congestion during the day.

During the construction project PRC rebuilt or replaced 63 bridges and 10 freeway interchanges. The freeway was widened by two lanes in both directions. They also installed advanced traffic management system devices, which includes; 93 sensors, 36 cameras, 22 ramp meters and four permanent variable message signs. These measures will help UDOT engineers better monitor traffic, respond to incidents and make sure that traffic flows as efficiently as possible.