What Do We Got?

Now I realize that this is not proper English, but it is a phrase we often hear on police TV shows as the officer in charge or detective rolls up to the scene and asks the rookie what is going on.


I have thought alot about what we “got” lately and want to relay that to all of you. I have found that it is easy to become disgruntled in this job when we fail to see the big

picture. Going out day after day to stop cars, deal with many different people, investigate crashes, and just live the general repetitiveness can become tedious. Not to mention court, policy changes, discipline, and other things that can drag us down. It can put one in a rut for sure.

In looking at the big picture, I have noticed over the last few years that there have been a few changes that I believe are great for our department. Colonel Fuhr is one of them. I remember when it was announced that Commissioner Duncan was retiring and that Colonel Davenport would take his position as Commissioner. We quickly learned that Lt. Danny Fuhr would be our new Superintendent. I had met Colonel Fuhr once prior to this announcement while working a week at the legislative session on an extra assignment. Many of us who were assigned to the outlying areas or who had not been with the department very long wondered who he really was as we had not had the opportunity to work with him.

Colonel Fuhr instituted a few changes quickly. Our department’s physical fitness has improved by leaps and bounds because of Colonel Fuhr. He is the prime example of what kind of shape a police officer should be in. I have thought about the things that we have “got” because of Colonel Fuhr. First and foremost is money. Since Colonel Fuhr was appointed Colonel, we have had increases nearly every year, even when other state and city governments were laying off law enforcement officers. The additional overtime each year has also been a huge benefit for us. Taking pay out of the equation, think about the “swag” (stuff we all get) that we have received since our Colonel was put in. With the help of our department armorer, Sgt. Brad Marshal, we have upgraded our weaponry. Much of what was long overdue. This includes our tactical shotguns, AR-15s, and tactical lights for our Glocks. We have also received new flashlights and new cars every 100,000 miles. Most agencies drool over the equipment that we have and often rely on us to assist them because of the good equipment we have.

As you all know, Colonel Danny Fuhr has a way of speaking that engages us as we listen to him in section meetings and this intriguing speaking ability is vital to us on the floors of the legislature. He works hard for us and won’t ask us to do anything he isn’t willing to do himself. Our Colonel stands tall for us on Capitol Hill as he asks for money to help our cause and our families. Our legislators are receptive to Colonel Fuhr because of his good character and integrity as well as the hard work of Troopers around the state. I hope, when the opportunity presents itself, that we will all take a few minutes to thank Colonel Fuhr for the things he has “gotten” for us. We really don’t have much to be disgruntled about when you look at the last few years and look at the big picture. As the President of the association, I have had the privilege to work closely with Colonel Fuhr. He spends very little time with his own family and much of his time worrying about each and every one of you, and how to get you safely home to your family each night. He also works on making sure you get paid decently for it.

So what do we got? We have a leader who serves more than giving orders, a cop’s cop. We have a Colonel who is and always will be a State Trooper. He is a Trooper who isn’t worried about rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty right alongside the rest of us, and he genuinely cares about us individually as well as the whole of the Utah Highway Patrol.