What Does It Mean to Serve?


I am always amazed by simple acts of service that make a huge difference in the lives of others.

I have heard of multiple times when a person was in a vulnerable state, distressed, helpless and nearly completely down and out, when a simple act of service saved them in their time of need.
What makes a person respond to those in need, who go the extra mile, or put the needs of others before themselves? I believe the answer has to do with personal integrity and a love for others. Each month we see simple acts of service from our Troopers, which literally change lives. The simple act of changing a tire for a distraught motorist, who is unable to do it themselves, makes a huge difference in the life of that individual. The Trooper who responds to the home of a wife to deliver flowers on her wedding anniversary because her recently deceased husband couldn’t, makes a difference. The Trooper who does a death notification, then quickly buys food for the family to ease their pain makes a difference. The UHP crew members who attend to the needs of a distraught Trooper who had a family tragedy makes a difference. These are all simple act of service which make a difference for good in the lives of others.
The Department of Public Safety and UHP is made up of individuals who love to serve and understand our profession is about service. We serve as we take impaired drivers off the road, respond to crashes, assist motorists, conduct public information presentations, or as simple as opening the door as a person walks through. Service is our foundation and is the heart of our daily mission and standards.
Service to others makes us great in so many ways. Much of the work of law enforcement is dealing with problematic issues. When our Troopers get the opportunity to serve others, it lifts spirits and gives them great satisfaction that they were able to make a difference in someone’s life. Service to others makes the State greater because most acts of service, or those served, gain a great desire to reciprocate that act of kindness with others. It is humbling to see the great leaders in the UHP who go out and serve others around them. It is also nice to see those who love the UHP and want to serve this organization.
We have a group associated with the UHP called Honoring Heroes as well as the Honorary Colonels. It is amazing to see the kind acts of service from these groups when tragedy strikes the UHP. The members of these groups give personally with their time as well as money. They do much of this in an anonymous manner, with no fanfare, because they love those who serve. They do this because they understand that each day a Trooper goes to work with the knowledge that they may not return home. But even with that knowledge, the Troopers gear up daily and serve all of us.
Service to others. How blessed we are to have those with personal integrity and love for others. What a tragic world we would have without it. Here is my challenge. Do an act of service that will make a difference in the lives of others. The pay back will be overwhelming.