What you do makes a difference

Colonel Michael Rapich publishes a document each month known as “What You Do Makes a Difference.”It summarizes many of the comments the department receives from various sources.

On behalf of all the members of the Massachusetts State Police, I wish to offer you my heartfelt thanks for the presence of members of your agency at the funeral of Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy. Trooper Clardy’s wife and children were moved and overwhelmed beyond words at the outpouring of support and respect shown to them by officers from all across this great nation. I was personally touched by the throng of officers who traveled distances, some near and some very far, to show their respect and to honor Trooper Clardy and his loved ones.

I had occasion on the day of the funeral to view the officers in formation in front of the church. With me was Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. Governor Baker marveled at the solidarity of all the officers in attendance, your men and women included, and commented that very few professions have such cohesiveness, brotherhood and respect for each other as does law enforcement. I couldn’t agree more and I am eternally grateful for the respect and honor shown to my officer, his family and to this agency.

Colonel Richard D. McKeon,
Massachusetts State Police

In the wake of tragic events and national unrest that have taken place this week, we the residents and staff of Pine Creek Rehab and Nursing Center, would like to express our deepest gratitude and respect for the exemplarity job you do, each and every day, in serving and protecting the people of our great state.

You are members of a proud and noble profession. You are all integral parts of the fabric of our lives. You are ever present to witness the most intimate and emotional events that occur in each of our lives. You are always there to watch over and protect us in our times of personal joy and happiness and also in the times of our collective national pride and celebrations. You are unfailingly there in life’s most difficult moments – in our times of greatest sorrow, tragedy and loss. You comfort us, console and care for us and carry us through!

Each day of your lives you selflessly go out into our communities facing the unknown. You tirelessly give of yourselves to enrich and enhance the lives of others, willing if necessary to pay the ultimate price in saving the life of another. Without your brave and compassionate service, the quality of life for all of us would be greatly diminished! We owe you all a debt that we can never adequately repay. All we can offer in return for your sterling service to the people of this state is our hearts, our admiration, our loyalty, our underlying support and our heartfelt gratitude. Police officers everywhere, we salute you. You represent the good things in all of us.

Sylvia Walker

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much all the citizens of the State of Utah appreciate what you and your officers do to serve and protect the citizens of our great state and people who visit.

The recent tragedies where law enforcement officers were killed brings to mind how much we owe a debt of gratitude we owe all those in law enforcement. Unfortunately, some only see fit to condemn all officers for something that a rare few might have done. I say might have done because the cries of wrongdoing on the part of officers and wanting justice usually comes a soon as something happens and before all details are known and the chance of justice could not have possibly have been served.

I have had several occasions to meet your officers and civilian employees and I must say in every case they have been not only first class officers and employees, but just plain first class people.

I pray daily for the safety of all those in law enforcement and that God will guide them to make the best decisions in every situation they face.

Richard Bell

As my coworker and I were driving to work today, we got a flat tire. After a Unified and a Salt Lake County Police car drove by, a Highway Patrol stopped by to help us. I wish we could have gotten his name, to thank him and have him recognized for his service and going out of his way to help us during rush hour traffic.

Dani Ruybal

I have no idea who to send this to but we as a family feel that we need to acknowledge Trooper Blake Bradford. A couple of nights ago our 19 year old daughter broke down on the highway late at night. She was terrified, in tears and did not know what to do. Trooper Bradford saw her and stopped. He helped push her Jeep Cherokee off the road and because it was late drove her to her safely to her apartment in Orem Utah. What was remarkable about this experience was that he put her completely at ease. Made her to feel safe and cared for. He talked with her and joked to lighten her spirit and calm her fears. Our daughter Adaline Baron is African American and in the media all we hear about are the injustices by law authority. She was overwhelmed to say the least at his kindness and without a doubt Trooper Bradford only saw a young distressed girl in need of help and his only desire was to see her safely home again and her skin tone was not even taken into consideration. Please…… if this message could somehow be passed along to his supervisors and most of all to Officer Blake Bradford of her parents profound gratitude and appreciation I would very much appreciate it. Officer Bradford far exceeded his responsibilities in his kindness, concern and sensitivity in this particular incident. We will be forever grateful.

Rebecca Johnson

On behalf of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, I would like to convey our appreciation to you and the Utah Department of Public Safety for your support.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is extremely humbled and appreciative of your professionalism, thoughtfulness and attention to detail during this tragic and difficult time. It is with a heavy heart that we extend our thanks and gratitude for all you have done for the Frazier family and the Bureau family.

We could not have honored Agent Frazier properly without your assistance. If there is anything that the Bureau can provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

UHP Honor Guard presence at the funeral
of fallen Tennessee Officer

Wow, you are not going to believe this great story on how Trooper Joe Pastor helped us on Monday, Labor Day. I had left my cell phone on the top of the car when we left ST George to come home. After getting on the freeway I heard a thump on the back of the car and realized it was my phone. I thought I saw it in the review mirror and hit the freeway. We pulled off the next ramp and called 911 to see if we could get help in retrieving it. The dispatch was so nice and said she would contact someone to see if they could find it. Trooper Joe Pastor pulled up behind us and I explained the situation. He said because it was such a busy day and may not be a safe thing for him to do, but said he would drive back and see if he could see it. He was so thoughtful and willing to go the extra mile for such a small item of business. He went back and made the loop on the freeway and came up behind us again and said he didn’t see it. My heart dropped because I had just bought the new iphone and it had all my pictures and info on it. As Trooper Joe was walking back to his car he noticed my phone which was caught in the crack of the back windshield and trunk of the car. That was a miracle it stay on the car after traveling so fast and far. Trooper Joe Pastor was so kind and thoughtful and I want to thank him so much for his kindness and willing to help us.

Beverly Meredith

Dear Sir, On September 6, I witnessed no less than 6 troopers conducting concentrated speed enforcement just east of Parleys Summit and were actively engaged in traffic stops. I live in the Summit Park community and have been sideline to more speed related accidents than I can count, a few of which involved a fatality. On behalf of the Summit Park HOA, the community and most importantly, my family I would like to extend to you our humble gratitude. Your troopers took action and their efforts certainly made an impact. I feel it’s important to show a strong visible presence where folks take notice. Please thank the professionals involved who made this work and to the troopers who executed it. Our neighborhood is a safer place to live because of this and we look forward to seeing them again.

Mike Quinones

Hello, my name is Lisa Sullivan, I am from Idaho. My parents are also from Idaho. They drove through your state last week and their pickup broke down driving through a construction zone near Ogden. One of your officers pulled to the side of the road and helped them get safely back on the road and followed them to Ogden to make sure they got there without any more problems and showed them a motel to stay while their pickup was fixed. This officer I believe went above the call of duty to help them out. I wanted to write to you and tell you what outstanding officers you have. My parents are the world to me, and I am very thankful for the help they got. A HUGE THANK YOU– AND MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL!!

Lisa Sullivan

Hello! I just wanted to say how thankful I was for not only your dispatch but one of your officers. My husband and I broke down right outside Mona today. We were traveling through from Oregon and our radiator cap came off and all the water in the reservoir was gone making it overheat. I had called several tow trucks and no one would really help us without paying a ton of money that we didn’t have. I did the only thing I knew next and called the local dispatch to see if we could get a ride to town because we didn’t know where anything was. Less than 30 minutes later Sergeant Housekeeper pulled up. Now, 30 minutes might seem long but this amazing guy of yours came off his lunch break, filled up his own 5 gallon water jug, and brought it to us. Next he helped us get the reservoir filled and then followed us to the closest gas station. Only when he felt we were safe did he go on his way. I know this might not seem like a big deal but it was to me. My husband just returned from his third tour of duty to Iraq and this was causing him a huge amount of stress that tends to trigger his panic attacks and PTSD. We were lost and had no idea what to do and your officer went above and beyond his call of duty. I know with everything in the media some might not have the level of respect they should but I just wanted you all to know that there are some of us out there that always will. So thank you for all you do! You have an amazing officer in your midst.

Monique Sweet

It seems that lately in the news we hear so much about the bad and violent side of humanity, but just for a moment I would like to change that.

On June 10, 2016 our daughter Ali was killed in a one car rollover near Bear River, Utah. Our family had been in Idaho to a family birthday celebration, and she had left to come back for work the next day.

After being notified by someone from the scene by our daughter’s phone, we jumped in the car and drove to the Tremonton Hospital. Upon arrival there were 4-5 Utah State Highway Patrol Officers waiting for us outside the Emergency Entrance of the hospital. Making sure that we were both Ali’s parents, they very gently and kindly told us that she had not survived the accident.

No parent is ever prepared to hear those words, but we will be forever grateful for the kindness of those officers. They gave us time to begin the process to ask questions and just to cry. They were so kind. Ali’s dog Daisy was with her in the accident. The officers found a veterinarian to come and look at the dog and make sure she was okay. Such a kind act of service to our family.

We were taken into the hospital into a private room and given more information and we were able to see our daughter. We never felt rushed or that we were keeping them from anything. Our questions were answered and we left to come home armed with information of what would happen next and what we needed to do next.

Over the next few days, we worked with Lt. Lee Perry and his staff in both Brigham City and Tremonton to recover all of her belongings.

They always took our call, answered our questions and followed through on everything. We were treated with compassion and respect. When the last two articles were returned to our home, I hugged the officer. It was such a relief to have all of her belongs back with us.

We as a family just wanted you to know of our experience. Their job is not an easy one, we know that. Their families go through a lot for them to serve our families.

So to Lt. Perry and his officers in Brigham City and Tremonton we say thank you. We are a family who love and respect you back as you showed love and respect to us. We thank their families for their sacrifice also.

Mark & Trudy McCashland

I just wanted to drop a line and say that I was pulled over last night on I-15 at the south end of the valley. Officer Scott Attridge (Badge # 313) treated me with respect and acted with complete professionalism. During this time in our country where individuals are criticizing our law enforcement officers, I wanted to go on record and say “thank you” for what you all do for our community and each one of us! I appreciate the service you provide – even when I’m in the wrong. Thank you for your time.

RD Horscroft